Why Should I Repave My Parking Lot?

Asphalt is a cost-effective and durable material used for paving driveways, parking lots, etc. With proper maintenance, you can keep the aesthetics the same. However, if your pavement has started to age, you may need to consider different aspects of maintenance. Sealcoating helps protect your asphalt pavement while resurfacing or overlaying add a new asphalt surface over your existing one. Repaving, on the other hand, is meant to start paving afresh. You may hire professional paving services to pave your driveways, parking lots, etc. This blog will discuss the reasons you should repave your parking lot.

Usually, repaving is not required if your existing asphalt pavements are in good shape. However, if it has suffered extensive damages, then repaving might be the best option. The process involved stripping away the existing pavement and recycling the torn parts. Then, professional paving contractors built and re-grade the foundations, and new asphalt is paved. It will present you with a new, durable, and attractive parking lot ready for use.

5 Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs Repaving

If you notice the following signs on your parking lot, it implies that it needs repaving.

Large Cracks

If large cracks appear on your asphalt paving parking lots, it can make them more vulnerable to water erosion and damage. Often, if these issues are detected early, then minor repairing and sealing can help maintain your parking lots. However, if these cracks deepen and widen, repaving is the best solution to restore them.

Fading or stains

Often UV exposure can cause discoloration of your parking lot. Besides, auto fluids can also stain your parking space. As a result, it may appear dirty or poorly maintained. Repaving can help cover these spots and improve their appearance. Once, you repave the parking lot, apply a seal coat to prevent further discoloration.

Standing water

Ideally, a well-designed parking lot has an effective drainage system to prevent standing water. Therefore, if you notice stagnant water or puddles being formed, it implies that your parking lot might have an uneven surface. If you didn’t take the necessary steps to resolve this issue, it might lead to various other complications. Hence, you should consult a professional paving contractor for correcting drainage issues on your parking lot.


If water gets beneath the asphalt, it can erode the soil and cause an open space between the pavement of your parking lot and the ground beneath it. As a result, when vehicles would move over these spots, it can damage the surface creating potholes. A professional paving contractor will clean these holes, fill them with new materials and repave the area to restore your parking lot.

Bumpy Driving

Even without the presence of potholes, you might feel that your parking lot is uneven, especially while you are driving. A possible cause behind the same can be the warping of the surface due to soil changes or the movement of heavy vehicles. Repaving can help even out the surface.

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